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Our Android & iOS instant chat application is based on strong and time tested technologies. Soon you will be able to discover our API to add your services on Mintus interactive map! You will need to have MNTS token in order to get our API.

Mintus Chat

Mintus Chat is not just an instant messenger, it is a platform for solving everyday problems, developed on the basis of blockchain technology.

Works in all countries of the world

Decentralized messenger with p2p, blockchain & IPFS

The exclusive option is the “Cryptolike”

This is an opportunity to send tip to users for their content. Just imagine that your revenue will grow automatically with number of your subscribers!

Money transfer

Application is temporary available in the AppStore and PlayMarket

Video calls in HD quality

Get started with e-CHAT and stay closer to family and friends with our crystal-clear video calling.


Multi-currency crypto wallet which can not be disabled or monitored

Voice conferences up to 10 people

Make free group calls with e-Chat. You can add up to 10 people.

Powered by Blockchain

We are pleased to introduce the most complete and advance instant messaging app powered by an Ethereum blockchain-based. Transfer your ETH from MEW (or any ERC-20 wallet) to your Mintus e-wallet and send money among the community members, including our registered merchants.
MNTS are utility tokens, they aim to be used only for the Mintus API. You may buy MNTS tokens during our Token Sale or later when we are listed on an exchange.
Easily transfer ETH from your ERC-20 Wallet to store them on Mintus app. Check the ETH value against USD and EUR.
Use your ETH to exchange for goods and services within our registered merchants network which include hotels, restaurants and local shops everywhere!
Ethereum network
Mintus is powered by the Ethereum network. Very reliable, secure and fastest growing blockchain platform.

Mintus Chat Features

We look forward to the future and embody the most demanded and necessary functions for the convenience of communication.
Built-in payment system for contactless NFC and QR payments
Stream with photo and video content
Discrete individual/group chats with 100% privacy.
Paid channels for bloggers and publishers.
Changing the appearance for video calls and online broadcasts based on neural networks.

Token Distribution

This post intends to help the Mintus community understand how the MNTS token will be distributed at the launch of crowdsale and throughout its lifecycle.
Starting Time : February 20st, 2024
Ending Time : April 20th, 2024
Soft cap : 450,000 MNTS
Hard cap : 900,000 MNTS
TOken Symbol : MNTS
Exchange Rate : 1 BTC = 1000 MNTS
Token Sale : 0,000 MNTS (0%)
Total Transactions : 7,543
  • Private/Pre Sale
  • Public ICO
  • Team & Advisor
  • Marketing & General
  • Bounty
  • interconnection Dev
  • Marketing & General
  • Mobile Ad Platform
  • Ad Platform Integration
  • Operational Overhead


Q2 2021
Initial development of Mintus instant messenger app
Q1 2022
Mintus Whitepaper development
Q2 2022
Development of the Mintus Mobile platform ecosystem
Q3 2022
Launch marketing company in social media
Launch strategic partnership programs
Q3 2023
Development and release of the alpha version of Mintus Chat
Q4 2023
Launch of public token sale, the primary emission of XMAP tokens and distribution
Q1 2024
Development and release of voice conferences
Q2 2024
Development and release of financial plugin
Q3 2024
Development and release of the bot
Q1 2025
Development and release of Trade4Cash bot
Q2 2025
Development and release of p2p crypto exchange bot

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Frequently Questions

Are calls inside the Mintus Chat platform encrypted?
Yes. Audio and video calls are end-to-end encrypted and we use the WebRTC technology for real time audio and video communication. WebRTC uses Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for encrypting media streams. On top of the WebRTC protocol, we have custom built additional security layers in order to make WebRTC even more secure.
Are files in Mintus Chat storage encrypted?
Yes, all files stored in your Mintus Chat file storage, as well as the attachments in your emails and chats, are end-to-end encrypted. When dealing with large files, Mintus Chat partitions files in smaller chunks. An additional two sets of RSA key pairs are generated specifically for sharing files or folders inside Mintus Chat platform.
Are my attachments encrypted?
Yes, your attachments are encrypted with their own generated random Message Key and a MAC of the encrypted files has been taken using the HMAC algorithm with SHA-256 and the file’s Message Key as input.
Is my Inbox inside Mintus Chat platform encrypted?
Yes, all email correspondence you maintain within the secure Mintus Chat platform are end-to-end encrypted with AES-CBC 256-bit encryption with a random key and a random IV (initialization vector). This AES key is then RSA-OAEP 2048-bit encrypted with the receiver’s public RSA key. The encrypted message is then signed with the sender’s RSA 2048-bit private key.
What encryption algorithms does Mintus Chat use?
Mintus Chat uses strong standard encryption algorithms. Like - RSA, BCRYPT, SHA512, GPG, AES, AES-KW, ECDSA


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